The challenge for design, and ultimately for business, is to create experiences filled with emotional relevance.

Every day we immerse in the latest experiences and technologies, across industries. And we share our perspective on what we learn in workshops for companies and organizations. Our focus is on how design can help you create emotional relevance to positively disrupt.

These are some of the topics that we often cover in workshops. They can be mixed and combined, depending on your budget and schedule.

What is Design
Design is often defined as a process for developing a solution to a problem or an issue. By talking to people and observing them you figure out what problems they are facing, and then you ideate and iterate until you’ve designed a good solution for it. But that is just a small part of what design is about. In this workshop, we cover what design really is and what it can do for you. This workshop can also include a hands-on design exercise that is perfect for teams.

Designing for Positive Disruption
Positive disruption begins with a mindset. When we are little, everything is possible, but when we are grown up our sense for what is possible has somehow shrunk. By looking into why and how, this workshop lays the foundation for designing for positive disruption, and uses compelling case studies and examples. If your team is looking to challenge yourselves right away, this workshop can include a hands-on innovation exercise.

The Experience Layers™
Creating an amazing product is never enough. The experience layersTM surrounding it influences how it is perceived. By designing a consistent experience across thcarefully designing these layers, and thinking holistically, you create experiences that bring clarity – in what your product is about, and in what your brand ultimately stands for. This workshop introduces the Experience LayersTM way of thinking and how you can leverage it in your business.

The Future of Product
Today, there’s a sea of products that flawlessly merge functionality with aesthetics. And with an ever-faster pace of business requiring a constant churn of new product releases, the flow is relentless. But despite this plethora of perfection, we all struggle to find products we can relate to, products that feel truly meaningful us. The future of products lies in a single-minded focus on emotional relevance, and in this workshop you’ll learn why and how.

Tailor-made Workshop
We design workshops based on your needs and priorities. Spanning an hour to a day, these workshops can include perspectives on design and the latest innovations, brainstorming techniques and actual brainstorms, as well as hands-on creative exercises. All with the goal of you learning how design can make a difference in your life and organization.