Product Design

We design game-changing products imbued with meaning. Our designs create brands, inspire loyalty and shift markets.

Experience Essence™
The Experience Essence™ document captures the elements that convey meaning in the experience that you are envisioning. It inspires and aligns all design efforts.

Our insights are garnered from analyses of your brand, consumer research, usage observations, market trends, and a deep understanding of technologies and materials.

Industrial Design
Our designs aim to amaze with attention to innovative details in both features and aesthetics. But what we really design for is emotional relevance, because that’s what drives loyalty, and loyalty will drive market momentum.

Design Language
Implementing a design language system can ensure that your designs become distinctly recognizable, an integral part of your brand. We deliver design language systems that are inspiring, meaningful and robust.

We are at the forefront of understanding how materiality can best be leveraged in designs. Our use of materials break new ground and set new standards that can shift entire markets.

Digital Integration
Seamlessly integrating the physical with the digital is at the core of what we do. Well-versed in IoT and app/product integrations, we always look beyond the catch phrases to make sure the experience delivers where it matters.

Prototyping and Proof of Concept
Our studio is equipped with a shop for rapid prototyping in-house. Through iterative prototyping we push beyond the expected and help our clients make informed decisions.

Design for Engineering and Design for Manufacturing
We excel at design-for-engineering and coming up with simple, yet innovative solutions. Our designers collaborate closely with the engineering and manufacturing teams to proactively ensure a smooth development process.