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AirCom Pacific’s new airplane seat actually makes you look forward to traveling economy.

Tackling the inflight entertainment experience from a new angle, the company’s vision entails in-flight high speed broadband for content, gaming and shopping. AirCom Pacific had the technical capabilities, but wanted to offer a completely new economy class seat that included entertainment, comfort and a positive sense of seclusion in a space often associated with boredom, discomfort and a lack of privacy.

A massive undertaking spanning technology, ergonomics, mechanics, aesthetics and user interface, these economy class seats provide a completely new experience that far surpasses in-flight expectations.

Entertainment at ease

Approaching the seats, you will first notice their harmonious appearance. Each three-seat configuration is wrapped by a single band. The band is covered in a high-tech material, incredibly durable but so refined that it functions as the screen for the short-throw projectors integrated into the seats. The band seamlessly wraps around the entire seat configuration to also function as a footrest once you are seated – appreciated by anyone who has ever tried to desperately rest their feet on the edge of a seat pocket or the armrest of the seat in front.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats footrest

Each three-seat configuration is wrapped by a single band, covered in a durable but refined high-tech material that functions as the screen for the short-throw projectors integrated into the seats.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats sketchAirCom Pacific airplane seats CAD

Comfort and privacy

The attention to detail extends to the clean lines of the seat support frame, its profile reminiscent of an A, and easily accessible flotation device pocket. The signature headrests, simultaneously futuristic and familiar, provide unprecedented comfort and a welcome sense of privacy.

AirCom Pacific airplane seat short-throw projector AirCom Pacific airplane seat pull tab design AirCom Pacific airplane seat prototype AirCom Pacific airplane seats design modelAirCom Pacific airplane seats armrest design AirCom Pacific airplane seat headrest design AirCom Pacific airplane seats materiality

Rethinking the table

Sliding into the seat, the first sensation is how spacious yet private it feels despite being an economy class seat. The table features an innovative and intuitive configuration. In cocktail mode, the table partly unfolds and stays slightly elevated, leaving you with space to move around or get in or out of your seat. Unfolding the table you will notice that you can keep the back part of the table tilted to support your tablet in the perfect viewing position. The table also folds completely horizontal to maximize your surface area.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats folding table design

AirCom Pacific airlie seat folding table prototype

The table features innovative and intuitive configurations, from cocktail mode, to tablet mode to flat mode.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats folding table sketchAirCom Pacific airplane seats 3D printed model

All at your fingertips

Pressing the button above the table will showcase a screen menu. Beyond the typical items for an in-flight menu, this menu allows you to access amazing inflight content. To make the most of your browsing experience, the totally smooth table features a backlit integrated keyboard –invisible when you don’t need it, easily usable when you do.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats screen menu buttonAirCom Pacific airplane seats digital in-flight menuAirCom Pacific airplane seats UI sketchAircom Pacific airplane seats screen UI icons

Reclining during mealtimes?

If you want to completely relax, press the button on your armrest to recline. Instead of simply angling the seatback backwards, the AirCom Pacific seats pivot the seat and the back together, so that instead of sliding forward, you are angled comfortably into a reclining position. The result is that the outer shell of the seatback remains in the same position, without encroaching on the space of the passenger behind you. If you want to stay comfortably reclined through mealtimes you can, without the flight attendants having to prompt you to sit upright.

Combining the future of in-flight technology with a completely new seat design creates what has seemingly been impossible before – a beautifully relaxing and entertaining in-flight experience in economy class.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats for an entertaining in-flight experience

Showcasing the design

The seats were first showcased to the world at the International Paris Air Show in a booth designed by NONOBJECT. Making the most of the allotted floor area, the booth design immerses prospects and booth visitors in an in-flight environment. The open design simultaneously allows for demonstrations of the seats details and projection capabilities, while also providing space for business discussions and private conversations.

AirCom Pacific airplane seats trade show booth designAirCom Pacific airplane seats trade show booth design sketchAirCom Pacific airplane seats trade show booth design