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The new fi’zi:k Arione bike seat uniquely integrates the DNA of the original Arione with cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled riding experience.

The Arione is one of the most popular bike saddles in the world – for weekend warriors and Tour de France winners alike. Any serious cyclist will pay attention to the weight of the bike saddle, and how the rider’s position on the saddle can maximize speed and power. While critical to the performance, these represent just the tangible aspects of the saddle. The intangible aspects are even more important. Every rider wants to feel fast and powerful on the bike, and the Arione more than delivers. But what is often forgotten is that the saddle influences how you feel even before you get on. As you approach the bike, Arione exudes speed. It’s like an arrow shooting forward, streamlined and fierce in its simplicity.

black fi'zi:k arione bike seat with yellow line

Like an arrow shooting forward, streamlined and fierce in its simplicity.

white fi'zi:k arione bike seat with black lineblack fi'zi:k arione bike seat lifted

Maintaining the magic

When the Arione was first released over ten years ago, Branko’s design of the saddle was the talk of the biking world. The saddle was longer than any racing saddle ever seen. And the diamond shape was unusual. The design of the Arione is unique in that the saddle gives slightly so that the rider can achieve a strong, full-range motion when pedaling. With the saddle flexing in just the right places, rather than being locked into a prescribed riding position, the rider is freed to move back and forth along the saddle to find the most comfortable spot yielding the most power. In essence, the saddle is conforming to the rider rather than the other way around.

pro cyclist in the mountains with fi'zi:k arione bike seat

Almost a decade after the first Arione became a market success, fi’zi:k wanted to develop the next generation of the famous saddle. Designing the next generation of something that has been successful is always difficult. While fi’zi:k recognized that market forces make it imperative to constantly innovate, there was an understandable fear of losing the magic that contributed to the popularity of the original product.

fi'zi:k arione bike seat CAD

white fi'zi:k arione bike seat

Staying true to the essence

By staying true to the essence of the Arione but pushing on the technical constraints and using cutting-edge materials such as composite carbon, NONOBJECT was able develop a new saddle that improved the flexibility and lightness beyond what many thought possible.

And, in a sport where every gram matters an important part of fi’zi:k’s design brief was to shave off as much weight as possible. The new design was able to remove an additional 15 grams off the weight compared to the original Arione, without losing any strength and flexibility in the process.

fi'zi:k arione bike seat 3D printed modelfi'zi:k arione bike seat ics badge with logo

15 grams removed compared to the original Arione

Tour de France cyclist with yellow fi'zi:k arione bike seat

fi'zi:k arione bike seat bottom view

With fi’zi:k’s commitment to excellence, NONOBJECT’s objective with the new Arione was to ensure a complete 360 design. That is, when viewed from any angle, including when turned upside down to see the saddle “insides”, every single detail communicates the quality, care and craftsmanship involved in the design, materials and manufacturing.

In the end, the tangible and intangible aspects of the Arione combine to create an amazing seat that is one of the most popular racing and performance saddles in the world. It all stems from the emotional relevance of feeling fast, of inspiring speed and confidence.

fi'zi:k arione bike seat in different colors

fi'zi:k arione bike seats on two bikes