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Libratone is a Danish brand known for its highly designed audio products. But design goes far beyond the making of a product. Telling the story of the brand behind the product brings meaning and depth, whether on the company website or in the store. Relatively new in the competitive American audio market, Libratone needed to tell its story better.

Doing this required knowing how the brand was perceived. What emerged in our research – through interviews, combing through customer reviews, and analyzing the company’s communications across platforms – was a perception of Libratone as an approachable brand- highly designed but warm, with strong sound credibility without being perceived as techie. And, true to its Danish heritage, a brand perceived as pragmatically honest in its approach to the role of music in our lives.

Telling the story

The seed for the storytelling came from a product feature unveiled a few years earlier, SoundSpace Link. Libratone’s ZIPP speakers can simultaneously play together for bigger or multi-room sound. The term used for the app feature linking the speakers together was SoundSpace Link. The trademarked term SoundspacesTM, a true diamond in the rough, was not used beyond this context.

We all instinctively use sound and music to carve out spaces, to bring vibrancy or calm, whether together with others or just for ourselves.

Soundspaces is an idea that carries much emotional relevance. We all instinctively use sound and music to carve out spaces, whether to bring more vibrancy or calm, whether together with others or just for ourselves. Just as applicable to speakers as to headphones, Soundspaces was a brand feature that could differentiate the brand and unify the presentation of the product portfolio. Creating soundspaces formed the basis for a narrative structure that directed the storytelling from the digital to the physical, from the website to the first Libratone store in the United States.

Visualizing soundspaces

The idea of soundspaces directly impacted the design of the Libratone website for the American market. The product portfolio, which previously was shown as a line-up of every single product – overwhelming if you were not already familiar with the product line – was now simplified in three simple groupings; soundspaces around you, on you and with you. The new narrative structure was based on the idea of soundspaces as core to Libratone’s offering. All imagery was updated and animations were added for a richer, more immersive experience that quickly conveyed the benefits of Libratone’s products and further added to the existing positive perceptions of the brand.

Experiencing soundspaces

The first Libratone store to open in the United States was an opportunity to let customers experience soundspaces first hand. A deep, rectangular space, with details that betrayed its previous use as clothing store, was quickly transformed into a flagship Libratone store.

Softening the rectangular space are rounded shapes that delineate the store experience into soundspaces. Upon entering the store the customer immerses into the first soundspace, around you, where it is impossible to pinpoint where the music is coming from. The colorful ZIPP speakers can be experienced hands-on, whether on softly curved POS displays or from the comfort of lounge chairs reminiscent of a home environment.

Proceeding further into the store reveals a round table, where it’s easy to pull up a bar stool to try the experience of soundspaces on you with the Q ADAPT headphones and earphones. Seated at the table, surrounded by the conversations of other customers and the music from the ZIPP speakers, customers can get an immediate sense of creating a soundspace on them, through the adjustable noise cancellation of Q ADAPT.

In the corner beyond the table, another curved display beckons with ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers. Extending over the table, speakers are suspended from the branches of a tree.

Throughout the store, touches of Denmark is present, with comfortable seating and typically Scandinavian details.