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As our lives become increasingly sedentary—sitting at our desks, in front of computers—we need to find ways to stay active that are compatible with this new lifestyle. Webble helps you find your feet.

As children, we were constantly told to sit still, as though from this discipline would come great rewards. In reality, sitting still has become the scourge of the modern age.

NONOBJECT’s research showed makeshift solutions under desks everywhere. Exploring this under-desk world, a range of inelegant solutions was uncovered, from skateboards, to rolls of paper and yoga mats, and even homemade boards with wheels. This exploration showed that movement was not only important, but was something people truly wanted.

Designed as a sort of ‘pebble on wheels’, the Webble footrest consists of four multi-directional castors, and a main supporting body made from ABS and covered in an attractive, durable, high-tech mesh. The seed of the idea for the shape of Webble came from the sensation of a smooth featureless pebble. Imagine the kind of pebble you find in a riverbed; there’s no jagged lines – just smooth, soft edges, irresistible to step on. But when you put your feet on it, it moves.

Webble active footrest lifted on two wheels

Fun for feet

Webble isn’t just about movement from side-to-side. Its multi-directional castors mean it can move whichever way your feet desire. Much like a skateboard, the footrest can be tipped and twirled, further improving circulation through vertical movement of the feet and legs.

Red Webble active footrest in motion Webble active footrest in different colors

At home in the office

Webble have to feel at home in any office, no matter the aesthetic. The singular shape and the mesh fabric references classic pieces of office furniture design. Finding the right material for the mesh proved to be a challenge, however. The material had to be flexible, yet incredible durable to stand up to the daily wear of shoes resting and moving against the surface. There were only a few manufacturers that could do what was needed for the design. Fortunately for all the fidgety feet out there, a perfect source of the mesh was finally identified.

Webble active footrest prototypeWebble active footrest mechanical detailThree prototype stages of Webble active footrest

Safety and ergonomics were important considerations in the development of Webble. The trouble with skateboards and simple rolls is that they can easily become slip hazards. The Webble had to be designed to allow movement yet preventing users from slipping, or unintentionally skating across their offices. The solution was a spring-loaded suspension, so when you actually put a substantial weight on it, the castors retract, and rubber feet on the bottom contact the ground preventing movement. But even though you’re staying safely in place, you’re not sitting still. That’s the Webble way.

Red Webble active footrest pull tab Silver Webble active footrest mash material