(Empty box)

A box of what?

The New Year is a time of reflection and new beginnings. We envision how we will become better, smarter and more creative versions of ourselves. But that is easier said than done.

Each year we send out a New Year’s gift. The gift and the accompanying message are always inspired by the nonobject philosophy and the reflections distilled from the NONOBJECT book. And this year in question, we took the inspiration from the reflection literally.

Nonobject's empty box closed

Gifting infinite quantities

The simple white shipping box surprises with its lightness. As the recipient opens the box, at first glance it appears completely empty apart from a generic looking packing slip. Looking closer at the slip, it reveals that the contents are infinite quantities of nonobject space along with an instruction manual, which is discreetly attached to the top flap of the box.

Nonobject's empty box open with instructions insideNonobject's empty box with instruction manualNonobject's empty box with message

Flipping through the manual uncovers a series of thought provoking and inspirational instructions and a New Year’s greeting:

The New Year is a time for new beginnings.  We reimagine ourselves as better, smarter and more creative. But no matter what your personal goals are, 2015 can be the year you loosen the bonds of the functional and set your imagination adrift.

You’re in luck. This box has everything you can imagine.

Here’s to a year full of creativity!

Nonobject's empty box instruction manual open page

Nonobject's empty box instruction manual illustrations

The power of the intangible

Holiday gifts usually leave the recipient with something tangible. To send an empty box is risking disappointment and disapproval. But the unanimous response we received was one of positive surprise and delight. Encouraging people to set their imagination adrift clearly struck a cord and provided a welcome reprieve in a season otherwise focused on the materialistic.

Nonobject's empty box set